Since we opened our doors in 2000, we have been providing the New York area with culinary excellence in creative catering. The Brenton Catering team lead by Tinna Brenton will collaborate with you - whether you are hosting your party in an off-premise venue, home or an office space Brenton Catering will ensure your event is flawless.

Brenton draws her culinary inspiration from the west coast of her native Sweden. With a background in fashion, style and impeccable taste is shown off in Brenton’s creative dishes and presentations. The combination of exquisite cuisine and clean Scandinavian presentation will beguile your guests. After 4 years in South East Asia Brenton also creates Asian food with ease and authentic flavor.

We will work with your ideas, realize your vision – polished or playful, dynamic or understated – Brenton Catering will bring your vision to life.