Ash Chicken


At Brenton Catering we love to serve Ash Chicken. Without fail we will always be asked how do we make it? Well it’s a little bit of a secret (a special brine), but I will share the process of making the ash with you.

First you need to get your hands on some organic hay (pet stores sell this as feed)

Next you need outdoor space to avoid setting off smoke alarms and a large stainless steal container you don’t mind torching. Place the vessel on safe surface for instance  a grill(I use a hotel pan) fill it with hay and light it. Move the hay around with long tongs and try to stay clear of the way the wind is blowing the smoke or you will have black specs all over yourself! 

Once all the hay has turned to ash and is cool, sift it and you now have precious ash.

We mix it with dill oil and marinate our chicken breast in it over night. Season and sear the breast carefully and finish cooking in the oven. Serve up with seasonal veggies, dill oil, cream of cauliflower or parsnips is nice too.